Navigating With Map and Compass


Friday, February 28, 6 pm – 9 pm, Saturday, March 1, 8 am – 5 pm

Meet at: Oasis Visitor Center
Fee: $75 JTNPA/PINE member $85 non member
Instructor: Thomas Coyne. Navigation and Survival Specialist
Hike Level: Moderate

Do you want the confidence to explore the desert and not get lost? Navigation specialist, Thomas Coyne will teach participants how to navigate using a map and compass in this two-day hands-on field class. Participants will learn the basics of topography, map reading, and the history of navigation during the Friday evening lecture and then spend all-day Saturday in the field. Coyne will teach simple and straightforward map and compass skills separately and then combine them in a route-finding adventure in the wilderness of Joshua Tree National Park. These orientation techniques are potentially lifesaving skills that will allow participants to explore the wilderness and, most importantly, find their way back home.

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