Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Cooking in JTNP         

Date/Time: Saturday, November 7, 8 am – 5:30 pm, Sunday, November 8, 8 am – 5:00 pm
Meet at: Joshua Tree Visitor Center
Fee: $185 JTNPA/PINE member $195 non member
Instructor: Michael Moura, campfire chef, Tanya Jenkins, wild edible plant enthusiast, and Lew Kingman, hike leader
Hike Level: Moderate

Campfire Cuisine, Gourmet Cooking in JTNP:  Join Michael Moura and Tanya Jenkins to learn easy, creative camp cooking on this weekend  class.  They will share with you many successful recipes for fun, exciting eating while camping in Joshua Tree National Park.  From gourmet traditional to vegan/vegetarian fare, Michael and Tanya will help you to be a good camp cook based on pre-trip preparations, packing your foods correctly (no one wants water soaked sandwiches) and cooking equipment and utensils checklists.  To create a good appetite, hikes with Lew Kingman are scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday.  Don’t miss out on this fun weekend in the park, as enrollment is limited to 12 students!    Meals will include  Saturday dinner and desert  & Sunday brunch.  The “materials fee” is the cost of the food that you choose.  We will purchase the food and bring it to the campsite.

We will teach the following:
– Food Prep
– Cooler packing
– Meal planning
– Gourmet Camp Cooking
– Easy Kitchen Cleanup
For each meal we will go over the recipe we will be cooking and what type of preparation the students should be doing at home for that meal. We will go over how they would pack their cooler with the ingredients for that meal. We will prepare the meal and show them how preparation at home is the key to success at the campsite. After our meals are done, we will show them how easy cleanup can be and how to sanitize and make sure they clean and store utensils and leftovers properly.  Click for more information on the instructor and menus.

A camping option is available on Saturday evening for participants at the Lost Horse Group Campsite and is highly recommended to get the full        cooking and camping experience.  The Lost Horse Campsite is a special, tent-only campsite that has a restricted access, so there will be no other  campers or travelers in this area.  It is a beautiful location for quiet and solitude in the park.

Download the course outline:  Campfire Cuisine Fall 2015

Please review this pdf package that contains pertinent information about your class, the Joshua Tree National Park, camping reservations and lodging in the area around the park:  enrollment attachments.


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