Desert Drawing Club

Date/Time: Saturday, April 15, 8 am – 4 pm, Sunday, April 16, 8am – 4pm
Meet at: Joshua Tree Visitor Center
Fee: $60 members, $70 non member
Instructor: Brian Scott Campbell, Artist, Instructor
Hike Level: Easy

This class will utilize various dry media, such as charcoal, china marker, pencil, and color pencil. Class members will seek inspiration for their linear drawing or painting on paper from the expressive, dynamic and linear Yucca Bevifolia tree within the park. Join Brian Scott Campbell for a fun and creative day in the park including individual instruction and critique, demonstrations, as well as group discussions. The class site will be at the Lost Horse Campground, a “reserved” location that is stunningly gorgeous, with tall cliffs, rock piles and Joshua trees.
Please note that the class will follow Leave No Trace principles and all painting and clean-up supplies must be removed from the park.
For those that wish to participate in Sunday’s program, a camping option is available at the teaching site, Lost Horse Campground. For more information, please call 760-367-5535.

Download the class outline here: Desert Drawing Club Spring 2017

If you are a member of JTNPA/PINE you will get a $10 discount off every Desert Institute class. If you are not a member you can become one here.

Please take the time to review our General Class Information and Fitness Levels before registering.