Desert Tortoise Surveying and Monitoring           

Date/Time: Saturday, March 21,  9 am – 4 pm
Meet at: Copper Mountain College
Fee: $60 members $70 non members

Edward L. LaRue Jr. M.S., Desert Tortoise Council & Circle Mountain Biological Consultants Inc., Paul Delaney Ph.D., Professor of Biology at Copper Mountain College, Kristen Berry, Wildlife Biologist,  USGS

Hike Level: Easy

The desert tortoise Gopherus agassizii is a fascinating species whose existence is threatened. Starting in the classroom, Edward LaRue Jr., representing the Desert Tortoise Council, will discuss tortoise detection and occurrence in the Morongo Basin since 1989, construction monitoring, current threats to the species, and tortoise life history. Paul Delaney, biologist at Copper Mountain College (CMC), will discuss management of the CMC tortoise translocation area, and introduce participants to the remarkable variety of adaptations exhibited by tortoises in the preserve. Moving outside, the class will explore the on-campus tortoise translocation area. Participants will practice detecting tortoises, scat, tracks and burrows. This class will highlight the many unique morphological, physiological, behavioral, and ecological traits essential for tortoises to survive in the desert.

Download the class outline:  Desert Tortoise Surveying and Monitoring Outline – Sp 2015 (approved)

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desert tortoise class

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