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Date/Time: Saturday, November 14, 8 am – afternoon
Meet at: Chiriaco Summit Chevron Station
Fee: $50 members, $60 non member
Instructor: Mark Wheeler, M. S., Education, Desert Naturalist, Outdoor Guide
Hike Level: Strenuous/Extreme
 Cary’s Castle is a fine Eagle Mountains destination, but it’s the Eagle Mountains themselves that are the true highlight of this hike. Seen from the I-10 corridor, these mountains appear to be just another dullbrown uplift of desert rubble. Within the rugged interior of these mountains, however, are numerous citadels of steep and jagged monzogranite, exposures of spectacular rock sculpture that will not fail to elicit pronouncements of surprise from the astonished observer. The castle is hidden away among these towers and cliffs, which are, themselves, surrounded by the unique mixture of flora and fauna systems that make the Eagle Mountains an ever-reliably interesting place to visit. Fortunately, a maze of washes makes access to the shelter fairly obliging, allowing the hiker to enjoy the rough tooth-and-thorn spectacle of the terrain without having to tackle it head-on. This is remote and, to some extent, hostile country, but it comes a bit nearer and becomes a bit tamer with familiarity. Join Mark Wheeler for a great day of hiking into this wild place, and learn a little along the way how to better understand it’s nature.

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