Explore Queen Mountain

Date/Time: Saturday,February 22, 8 am – afternoon
Meet at: Joshua Tree Visitor Center
Fee: $50 members, $60 non member
Instructor: Mark Wheeler, M. S., Education, Desert Naturalist, Outdoor Guide
Hike Level: Strenuous, Extreme

Queen Mountain lies off the beaten path, unmarked by trails, waiting for those who desire adventure. Mark Wheeler will discuss the ecology, geology, and cultural history of the Mojave Desert as the class travels through cacti rich slopes, Joshua tree forest, and dramatic rock formations. The class will summit Queen Mountain and from the top, participants will view spectacular scenery including the Wonderland of Rocks, Lost Horse Valley, and San Gorgonio peak. The class will continue along the remote north side of the mountain, walking through a complex wash system surrounded by boulder towers. Participants should be fit and prepared for a strenuous eight-mile hike with rock scrambling and a minimum elevation change of 2,400 ft.

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