Fine Art Photography in Joshua Tree National Park  

Date/Time: Friday, September 19, 7 pm – 9 pm Saturday, September 20, 9 am – 5 pm Sunday, September 21, 5 am - 4 pm
Meet at: Oasis Visitor Center
Fee: $160 JTNPA/PINE member $170 non member
Instructor: Ralph Nordstrom
Hike Level: Easy – Moderate

Fine Art Photography in Joshua Tree National Park:  Immerse yourself in the wonders of Joshua Tree National Park and connect with the enchantment to be found there. The content of this workshop will focus, not only on the mechanics of photography, but, also on personal interpretation and expression which is the heart of the art. Our experience of this marvelous land will be enhanced by camping in the Lost Horse Campground, from Friday through Sunday. The weekend schedule includes two (2) sunrise shoots, two (2) morning shoots, one (1) sunset shoot, one (1) optional night sky shoot. There will be classroom programs to provide an orientation, to discuss “The Essence of Fine Art” and Photo Sharing and Photo Reviews. This is an “action packed” workshop, so, bring your camera equipment, camping equipment and enthusiasm and watch your creativity soar!

Download the course outline: Fine Art Photography in JTNP Fall 2014

Please review this pdf package that contains pertinent information about your class, the Joshua Tree National Park, camping reservations and lodging in the area around the park:  enrollment attachments.


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