“How-To” Survive in the Desert: A 2-Day Workshop

Date/Time: This class has been Cancelled
Meet at: Joshua Tree Visitor Center
Fee: $110 member, $120 non member
Instructor: Alan Halcon, Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance Instructor
Hike Level: Easy

If you have a taste for adventure, a thirst for wild spaces or just want to improve your outdoor skills, sign up here! Learn how to thrive in the outdoors with camping basics and best practices, improve your knowledge of natural science and have fun with a bunch of other intrepid explorers of Joshua Tree National Park. On this weekend camping workshop you’ll learn about the desert while hiking through it, share stories around a crackling campfire, and acquire useful skills that will transform the great outdoors into your own spectacular backyard. No prior camping experience is necessary, though some basic equipment is required. Camping equipment can be rented locally from outfitters. More experienced campers who’d like to brush up on their skills or just come to have a good time are also welcome. This weekend of classes will be held at the Lost Horse Campsite, a beautiful location that is perfect for this program!
Camping is optional, but highly recommended. No prior camping experience is necessary and rental camping equipment is available through local outfitters. Please call 760-367-5535 for more information.

Download the course outline:  How-To Survive in the Desert: A 2-Day Workshop Spring 2017

Please review this pdf package that contains pertinent information about your class, the Joshua Tree National Park, camping reservations and lodging in the area around the park:  enrollment attachments.


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