Rock Art of Southern California                                          

Date/Time: Sunday, February 19, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Meet at: Pilot Travel Center, North Palm Springs
Fee: $60 JTNPA/PINE/OSHER members $70 non members
Instructor: Daniel McCarthy, M.S., Anthropology
Hike Level: Easy

Discover the mystery of the enigmatic symbols left behind by the Indigenous Peoples with Archaeologist Daniel McCarthy. McCarthy will lead participants on an ancient path that provides a glimpse into the life of the Native Nations through pictographs and petroglyphs preserved in stone. This one-day field class will carpool from the Coachella Valley out to Corn Springs into the Salton Sea area and up to Idyllwild and include trips to at least three archaeological sites. Participants will not only have the thrill of seeing rock carvings and paintings in their original setting but will learn what is known of their stories. Class discussions will focus on the people who made these images, how they were created, and their importance to those who created them and to us today. This is a great opportunity to see these images and ponder their significance with an expert archaeologist. The class will also learn about the seasonal patterns across the landscape of the Native Peoples, their places of habitation, and the reason they traveled. Participants will drive about 150 miles during the class. Carpooling is recommended.

Click to download the course outline: Rock Art of Southern CA Outline – Sp 2017

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