The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You:  SmartPhone Photography  hiker

Date/Time: Saturday, December 27, 9 AM – 5 PM
Meet at: Oasis Visitor Center, Twentynine Palms
Fee: $60 JTNPA/PINE member $70 non member
Instructor: Jim Smart, Photographer, Instructor, Calif State University, San Bernardino
Hike Level: Easy

SmartPhone Photography: Come learn how to take better photographs with your cellphone camera, or point and shoot camera, in a new course offered by the Desert Institute. Professional photographer Jim Smart, who has spent years capturing images in Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Preserve, and teaches photography as part of a newspaper writing course at CSUSB, will focus on basic approaches that have worked for photographers for more than 100 years. You will learn how to overcome the limitations of cellphone and other modern cameras, and produce better images as prints and for sharing on the Internet. Composition, the rule of thirds, exposure, and shutter speed will be discussed, as well as how to post process your images in your own devices. You will also see a demonstration of how to make a slide show with low-cost aps. This course will include a trip into the park and a walk about with Smart and over-the-shoulder counseling on how to improve your photography. We strongly recommend the “Camera+” app.  Please purchase this app prior to arrival.  *This app may not be available on all phones.

Download the course outline: The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You Holiday Fall 2014

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