Tracking in Joshua Tree National Park

Date/Time: Saturday, April 22, 8:15 am – 5:30 pm; Sunday, April 123, 8:30 am – 2 pm
Meet at: Joshua Tree Visitor Center
Fee: $110 JTNPA/PINE/OSHER members $120 non member
Instructor: Jim Lowery, Primitive Skills Teacher, Author of “The Tracker’s Field Guide”
Hike Level: Easy

Join Jim Lowery, primitive skills teacher and author of The Tracker’s Field Guide, to learn and refine fundamental tracking skills. This two-day class will explore the natural world through animal tracking, sign identification, and awareness techniques. Lowery will explain how to translate patterns found in the desert sand into animals’ stories in Joshua Tree National Park. This class will be entirely field based in order to provide abundant “dirt time” focusing on following trails, interpreting tracks and signs and even learning to read mood and body language of desert animals through their trails. Wildlife behavior, biology, and ecological relationships will also be examined. Participants will feel the thrill of becoming environmental detectives by investigating the signs animals leave in this weekend class.  A camping option for Saturday night with the instructor is available at the Lost Horse Reserved Group campground.  Please call 760-367-5535 for more information.

Click to download the course outline Tracking in JTNP Outline – Sp 2017


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