Hike the Lost Palms Oasis                 2 hikers

Date/Time: Saturday, February 21, 8 am – late afternoon
Meet at: Cottonwood Visitor Center
Fee: $50 JTNPA/PINE member $60 non member
Instructor: Mark Wheeler, M. S., Education, Desert Naturalist, Outdoor Guide
Hike Level: Moderate – 7.5 miles round trip

There’s something special about coming upon a wild palm oasis after hiking several miles through crusty desert hills and dry, sandy washes. It perhaps kindles in us the long-dead flame of ecstatic joy our nomadic forebears must have felt when their wandering through a rough and dangerous world was suddenly greeted by discovery of a place that was more haven than hardship. Join the Desert Institute for a hike out to Lost Palms Oasis and feel that sense of pleasure yourself when suddenly the trail drops into a hollow full of grand palms and other large trees and shrubs, the shock of so much shade and green making a memorable contrast against the surrounding canyon slopes. Along the way you’ll learn about the role palm oases play in the local ecosystem, and why they form where they do. You’ll also learn a bit about the geological forces that combined in the uplift of Joshua Tree National Park, and get an introduction to the native plants growing alongside the trail. The trail is moderate, with only here and there a few, short steep sections. It is continuously scenic.  Moderate hike – 7.5 miles round trip.

Download the course outline:Trekking to Lost Palms Spring 2015(approved)

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