Wildflower Wanderings (April 8 Session)                      

Date/Time: Sunday, April 8, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Meet at: Oasis Visitor Center
Fee: $60 members $70 non members
Instructor: Darrell Shade, Botanist, Desert Naturalist
Hike Level: Easy to Moderate

Saturate your senses with the beauty of a wildflower bloom in Joshua Tree National Park. Desert Naturalist, Darrell Shade will lead this all-day field class on a tour through the colorful flowers of a desert spring. Darrell will entertain participants with descriptions of the flora, their botanical characteristics, and show how to identify the unique blossoms of the park. The audience will be delighted by Darrell’s personal accounts of the wonders of nature in this ordinarily dry and dusty environment. Darrell will identify the flowers of Joshua Tree National Park by scientific and common names, allowing the participants to get to know these amazing plants up close and personal.

Download the course outline here: Wildflower Wanderings April 8, 2017

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