You Can Make a Difference!

By donating to the Legacy Project for Joshua Tree National Park you’ll support the projects and programs that have been identified as priorities by the Park Superintendent. These initiatives range from trail construction and astronomy equipment to Junior Ranger activity books and elementary school education programs. In addition to supporting the park’s research, education and conservation activities through revenues from our visitor center bookstores, Joshua Tree National Park Association administers the Legacy Project as the park’s primary philanthropic partner. 100% of your donation to the Legacy Project goes directly to support the park. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the project that you wish to support.

Gifts to Joshua Tree National Park via the Legacy Project have recently funded park  projects such as restoration of the historic McHaney Cabin at Keys Ranch, and increased access to field science programs for elementary and high school students.

You can make a donation online below, or print out a mail donation form  and mail your check or credit card information to the Legacy Project c/o the Joshua Tree National Park Association. Gift to the Legacy Project are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please choose an amount you wish to donate from the links below or click here.