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Joshua Tree Master Naturalist Certificate

If you love observing nature and learning about Joshua Tree, expand your knowledge through the Joshua Tree Master Naturalist Series. Nine comprehensive courses on key Joshua Tree topics are designed to broaden your understanding of the ecology, plants, geology, wildlife, and history of the park. Through field-based excursions and lectures, you’ll cultivate observation skills that are the hallmark of a good naturalist.

By documenting field observations through sketches, journaling, photography and more, you’ll learn how to make a deeper connection to nature. When you complete all nine courses, you will receive your “Joshua Tree Master Naturalist” certification and a Joshua Tree National Park hoodie. Courses will be offered yearly and certification may be completed over time. These nine courses in the Joshua Tree Master Naturalist Series are also approved for credit from U.C. Riverside, Extension.

Naturalist Series


Fall 2017  
Sep. 24 Desert Snakes: Mystery & Intrigue
Sep. 29-Oct. 1 Insects & Arthropods of the Morongo Basin
Oct. 13-15 Citizen Science: Rock Art Documentation Methods
 Nov. 4-5 Geology: Creation of the Joshua Tree Landscape
Spring 2018  
Feb. 24-26    Rocks & Minerals of Joshua Tree National Park
Mar. 10-12 Flora of Joshua Tree National Park
Mar. 11-12 Biological Soil Crusts of Joshua Tree National Park
Mar. 18-19 Desert Invertebrates
Mar. 25-26 Ecology of Joshua Tree National Park
Apr. 28-30 Birds of Joshua Tree National Park
May 6-7 Phenological Monitoring in Joshua Tree National Park