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Erem Photography Contest to Benefit Joshua Tree National Park via JTNPA

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Minerva Hoyt | Photo by NPS | Public Domain | Source

Twentynine Palms, CA, October 22, 2020 -

The Joshua Tree National Park Association is pleased to announce its participation in the Desert Visions Photography Contest sponsored by Erem!

Erem is a desert performance outdoor wear company whose mission is to enable people to experience the vastness, extremes, and beauty of the desert, while positively impacting people, place, and planet. Erem believes that experiencing the desert is fundamentally important for human beings. While not the same as being physically present, one way to experience the desert is through art, which has always served as a bridge between people and the outdoors. Art is a particularly important conduit to the desert during this time, when so many people are stuck at home and literally unable to go outdoors. With that in mind, the Erem Desert Visions Photography Contest was conceived. There are 8 participating public land agencies across the western United States - including JTNPA!

Photographers can support Joshua Tree National Park Association, help Joshua Tree National Park, and win $500 + Erem boots + more! It’s simple - upload a photo that captures the landscapes, essence, colors, and/or impact of the desert on Facebook (or Instagram). Be sure to tag @jtnpa and @erem_desert. Erem will donate to JTNPA to help support the preservation and operation of Joshua Tree National Park for each person who participates – and amateurs, semi-professionals, and professionals are all encouraged to enter!

Submissions will be accepted through the end of October. From November 1 – November 6, the panel of expert judges will select a winning photo from each participating agency. From November 9 – November 16, the public will have the opportunity to vote for the overall winner! Erem will also donate to JTNPA for each vote cast on the JTNPA finalist entry.

Go to for all the submission details, and please feel free to share for our beautiful park. Good Luck!!


Jacqueline Guevara - JTNPA - (760) 361-9359

Joshua Tree National Park Association is is a non-profit partner of Joshua Tree National Park. For more information, please contact us by email at or by calling us at (760) 367-5525