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Park Partners are a special group of donors who make annual gifts of $1000 or more and make a truly impactful and remarkable difference in the future of Joshua Tree National Park. Park Partner benefits include:

Keys Views newsletter
JTNPA monthly newsletter with Park and Association updates
Joshua Tree National Park annual pass
Recognition in the JTNPA Annual Report
Invitation to private annual event with the Park Superintendent, held exclusively for Park Partners

Joshua Tree National Park has seen substantial growth over the past 2 years with visitation numbers climbing from 1 million to 3 million visitors annually. Listed below are examples of how your generous gift helps visitors from around the world enjoy our park, while sustaining and preserving its fascinating diversity of plants and animals and its culturally diverse history.

Provides 1 year of internet for virtual learning through the Distance Learning Studio, which introduces over 5,000 children annually to the NPS and Joshua Tree National Park highlighting plant and animal desert adaptations

Provides a dozen transmitters for Mojave Desert Tortoises, used to monitor the their home range and gather information to increase understanding of this threatened cherished desert reptile 

Pays for the publishing of JT Science, a digital publication highlighting scientific findings from the Park that focuses on research performed by recipients of JTNPA Research Graduate Student Grants

Funds research on Joshua tree habitat restoration including collecting and conserving Joshua tree seeds across the genetic range within the park

Pays for annual botanical research to update and expand plant inventory data, emphasizing the need to assess trends in rare plant populations, inform conservation decisions, and map rare plants to protect them from wildland fires or other threats

Provides bus transportation for 15,000 students annually, which allows schools to enrich their curriculum through field trips to Joshua Tree National Park

Provides 15 Bighorn Sheep collars used to survey, sample, and monitor these iconic mammals of the Joshua Tree National Park, to get a current estimate of population size and demography, and to assess key threats to the population

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